Abundant Living

by Don Wicks, Parkhill, Ontario, Canada

There are now 217 “Short Thoughts” devotionals. Check “Menu” bars at top right for the latest additions, Week 29: Days 197-203 and Week 30: Days 204-210. Plus Week 31: Days211-217. Except for #217, these three weeks focus on the Psalms.


“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b ESV

These are words Jesus Christ spoke two thousand years ago. He says that He came to offer us “abundant life”. This abundant life answers the need we sense for forgiveness, meaning, purpose, and relationship. Everything written on this blog grows out of John 10:10b. It will be great to explore Jesus Christ’s promise of life and life abundant. Start with any of the “Short Thoughts” devotionals. You’ll see that each “Short Thoughts” section is identified as a “Week”, with seven meditations. Perhaps, eventually, there will be fifty-two “Weeks” of these devotional readings that can be used over a year. Currently, there are 31 weeks (217 devotionals).

A few full-length sermons can be found under the heading “Sermon: [title of sermon]”.

This site also includes “Stories by Grandpa” – 20 simple stories I wrote for one of my grandchildren.