Stories by Grandpa: #14,The Alligator and the Mouse


Friends come in different shapes and sizes. Alligators are big and green. Mice are small and grey or brown. Alligators live in and around water. Mice live on the land or in buildings. Alligators eat small animals. Mice are small animals…oops!!

Then, how did an alligator and a mouse become friends?

It all happened last summer. It was a pleasant day and muse was happily searching for food. He wandered farther and farther form home and found himself near the water. In that pond lived the alligator. She was relaxing on the edge of the pond, hidden by some tall grasses. She heard some rustling noise in the grass, opened her very large mouth, and went, “Aw, aw, aw-choooo!” as the sun suddenly broke from behind a cloud and caught her eye. Originally, she had been sensing the mouth with thoughts of dinner, but instead the sneeze happened – and happened over and over again.

The mouse was startled and intended to flee, but something made him stay. He realized that the alligator couldn’t not stop sneezing and for some reason decided to help.

Climbing on the alligator’s head, the mouse ran over her head to her nose and pressed against it. Soon, the sneezing stopped. The alligator recovered, and came to understand that the mouse that she had intended to eat was now the one who had rescued her from the constant sneeze session. “Thank you,” said the alligator, “Thank you very much.”

From that day on the two became friends. The alligator protected the mouse from other alligators and enemies, and everyone marvelled when they saw a tiny mouse sitting comfortably on the alligator’s nose on a sunny day.

~The End~