Stories by Grandpa: #10, The Tree

The Tree


Trees have lots of memories. This is the story of a tree. When Elliot and Isaac moved into their house, the tree had already stood in the backyard for about eleven years. Its story began as a seed planted in the friendly soil of a plant nursery in Erie, Colorado. It was gently cared for by the people who owned the nursery.

The seed took root and grew – an inch, a foot, a yard – spindly and fragile, but with life-giving sap inside and warm sun and rich dirt to feed on.

Meanwhile, workers built a house and kept in mind a place to plant a tree. The day came when the tree arrived and began to grow wider and taller in its new home.

After several years the people who first lived there moved and in came Elliot and Isaac and their Mom and Dad. In the next year, baby Judah arrived on the scene. The tree saw kids playing on the new trampoline and on the grass. It looked over the fence to see other kids and parents and pets playing and planting and barbequing in their backyards. It provided shade for its own family in summer and hope each spring when buds appeared on its branches, and a resting place for birds.

The End