Stories by Grandpa: #12, The Story of the Sleeping Queens



The Story of the Sleeping Queens

Part 1

Once upon a time, a King awoke form a deep sleep and realized that he needed to find a Queen to help him rule the kingdom. He set out on a long trip to find the queen, but to his surprise all the queens were sleeping.

How could he awaken a Queen?

The Court Jester told him that he could simply tap a Queen on the shoulder and she would wake up. “But,” said the Jester, “Look out for the dragons and knights.” A Knight might steal the awake queen and if that happened, the King would need a dragon to stop the Knight.

Part 2

So, the King went on with his journey – until he found the most beautiful Queen. He did as the Jester said. As soon as he tapped the Queen, she awoke. But before he could say anything, a Knight jumped up from behind a door and grabbed the queen and escaped out the door and onto his waiting horse, carrying the Queen.

“Oh my,” wailed the King, “What will I do?” Remembering that he needed a dragon to help rescue the Queen, he went out into the night looking for a Dragon.

Part 3

As day was dawning, the King saw a fire in the distance. Getting closer he realized that the fire was coming from a Dragon’s mouth. Carefully moving closer to the Dragon, he called out, “Dragon, sir. Please help me rescue my Queen.”

The beast turned and paused before answering. “Does your Queen need rescuing? I         l-o-v-e to rescue Queens.” So, off they went, following the trail of the Knight.

Part 4

It took several hours for the dragon and the King to catch up.

Around dinner time they saw the Knight eating by a stream. The Queen was tied to a tree. They sneaked up on the Knight, grabbed him, and as he struggled loose, the Dragon roared a fiery roar. The Knight ran off as fast as anyone you’ve ever seen. The Dragon ran after him just enough to make sure he would not return.

The King untied the rope holding the Queen, setting her free. They journeyed on to the palace and after their wedding, happily ruled the kingdom together.

Part 5

As the story spread, other kings asked the Dragon for help in rescuing other queens. They paid the Dragon handsomely in gold, so much so that the Dragon made a good living as the best queen-rescuer in the world!

The End

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Note: The stickers used to illustrate this story, were selected and placed by Elliot.