Stories by Grandpa: #9, The Panda who Jumped Over a House

The Panda who Jumped Over a House


Once there was an eager panda named Penelope. She wanted to do more than eat bamboo and sleep. So, she watched the other forest and jungle animals until she saw how busy the monkeys were – flying among the trees, climbing, rolling over, and more. So, she asked around and was told to go to Professor Mark Monkey, a wise older monkey who had won medals for jumping.

Penelope found Master Mark and asked him to teach her how to jump high. He agreed, but only if she promised to practice every day. She promised.

On Day 1, she was shown how to run, then jump, and she jumped over a cat. On Day 2 it was a dog. And each day it was a taller animal. On Day 32, she jumped over a tree and on Day 44, a garage.

With more practice she was finally ready to jump over a house. It had two stories and a sloping roof.

After a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, and some stretching, the crowd gathered and Professor Mark shouted, “Ready, Set, Go!” Penelope Panda ran, picked up speed, bent her legs, pushed hard, took a deep breath, and…up she went, over the house, past a cloud, until she was out of sight.

She didn’t come down until the next day.

The End