Stories by Grandpa: #6, The Zebra Who Changed into a Ball


The Zebra Who Changed into a Ball

There once was a zebra who liked to run and play. She was very fast and none of the other zebras could keep up to her.One summer a group of boys and girls began playing soccer in a field nearby. Zeddie (the Zebra’s name) watched them having fun and thought about joining them. Each time they played, Zeddie found herself moving closer to the field. Then, her opportunity arrived.

The ball was kicked past the goal and came directly at Zeddie. Instinctively, she kicked the ball back and ran after it.

Before she knew it, she was running so fast she became a blur, and very soon she and the ball became one zooming circle, until finally she and the ball were one.

The ball hit the net and the team Zeddie was now a part of cheered and danced with excitement. As the captain picked up the ball, something strange happened. What had been black and white stripes on the zebra and black and white patches on the ball, became two shades of blue on the new “Zeddie ball”.

Zeddie was now a real part of the game and played with the kids as their favourite ball for years to come.


The Ball drawing

The End