Stories by Grandpa: #11, The Woodpecker and the Cactus

The Woodpecker and the Cactus


“I’m hungry,” said Wilson the Woodpecker, and off he flew, looking for a tree that might have some juicy bugs hiding under its bark.

It flew back and forth but there were few trees in the desert area where he was staying right now. Then he saw it – a green plant, as tall as some trees.

Wilson landed on the cactus. “Ouch,” he cried. This “tree” has prickly needles all over it.”

He tried pecking it. There was some sap that tasted funny, but it gave Wilson a little food, at least. “Oh, well,” thought the woodpecker, “It’s not comfortable to grab onto, and its juice is a different taste than I’m used to, but it looks bright in the brownish desert so I’ll enjoy it as much as I can and look again for a good tree.

The End