Short Thoughts – INDEX

Short Thoughts by Don Wicks


1John 10:10bAbundant LifeAbundant life
2Acts 8:35Divine EncounterPreaching about Jesus
3I Cor.11:33One AnotherFellowship of believers
4II Peter 3:13Something NewGod’s idea of newness
5John 1:47Your EpitaphHow you’ll be remembered
6John 4:23SeekingGod seeks us
7John 5:6Do You Want to be Well?Only Jesus can make us well
8John 6:56Getting Into JesusJesus is essential
9Galatians 6:9Harvest TimeHow to get a great harvest
10Matthew 5:10Suffering PersecutionPersecution
11John 13:16Being A ServantServanthood
12John 14:16-17Invisible PresenceGod’s presence
13Ephesians 2:4-6Choosing RelationshipsRelationship with Christ
14Matthew 22:37Fulfilling our Fundamental DesireLoving God first
15Matthew 12:30The Myth of NeutralityNeutrality ; Decision
16II John 10False TeachingAvoiding false influences
17Galatians 5:25ExpectationsConsistent living
18Matthew 22:37-39Love Your NeighbourLoving your neighbour
19Luke 22:31-32Ups and DownsFailures and Successes
20Luke 23:50-52Honouring JesusJesus or the world
21Philippians 2:5Balanced VirtueJesus as God and man
22II Thessalonians 3:1How God’s Work is AccomplishedDoing God’s work
23Acts 3:3-6Rise Up and WalkCompassion of Christ
24Hebrews 13:3Angels UnawaresAngels
25Acts 8:35Pointing to JesusTestifying to Jesus
26Luke 24:32Incomplete UnderstandingStudying the Bible
27I Samuel 16:7Attitude CountsRight attitude
28Matthew 22:37-39Simple StatementsLiving rightly
29Romans 1:16Not AshamedWitness to the truth
30John 14:6The Exclusively of JesusOnly one way to God
31Romans 4L4-5A Clear ExplanationWay of Salvation
32Exodus 20:2No Other Gods1st Commandment
33Exodus 20:4No Images2nd Commandment
34Exodus 20:7God’s Name3rd Commandment
35Exodus 20:8Remembering the Sabbath4th Commandment
36Exodus 20:12Honour Your Father & Mother5th Commandment
37Exodus 20:13Do Not Murder6th Commandment
38Exodus 20:14Do Not Commit Adultery7th Commandment
39Exodus 20:15You Shall Not Steal8th Commandment
40Exodus 20:16False Witness9th Commandment
41Exodus 20:17Coveting10th Commandment
42Matt. 22:36-40The Greatest & Next GreatestLoving God & Loving Others
43II Samuel 23:3-4The Last Words of DavidGod’s will for your life
44Psalm 19:14Regrettable Last WordsRejecting God’s will
45Deut. 33:27The Last Words of MosesBlessing another person
46Acts 7:5-60The Last Words of StephenHonouring history; trusting God to the end; concern for others
47Rev. 20:20-21The Last Words of  the Apostle JohnReturn of Christ; grace of Christ
48Luke 23:46The Last Words of JesusPrice of redemption; commitment to God; confidence in paradise
49John 14:2-3Both SidesDeath and After Death
50Ephesians 4: 26-27, 29-32A Terrible ThingAnger
51Hebrews 10:19-25The Most Important Thing You Will Do This WeekChurch attendance
52I Chronicles 5:20bMore Than A NumberLiving meaningfully
53Romans 13:10How to Love One AnotherSacrifice, Love, Choose
54John 6:29Work, Work, WorkWorking for success; for favour with God; by believing
55I Chronicles 16:24ThanksgivingThankfulness to God
56Deut.. 6:1-2GenerationsTeach; Discipline; Example
57II Timothy 3:14-15ContinuingCovenants; Continuing in the faith
58II Chronicles 36:15-16ChoicesGenerations; Choosing God or Other
59II Cor. 12:14; Acts 2:38-39; Heb. 11:20-22; Job 42:15Leave a HeritageParenting – Children, Heritage
60Psalm 127:3-5What Children Mean to ParentsParenting -heritage’ reward, blessing
61Proverbs 29:17Discipline in the HomeParenting – Discipline
62Psalm 103:13A Loving ExampleParenting – provision, compassion, example / Prayer
63Proverbs 22:6Teach the ChildrenParental teaching of children
64Revelation 2:7Ears to HearListening to God
65II Timothy 2:8The Day the World Forgets about JesusChristmas; post-Christmas
66Matt. 2:18; Gen 1:1Believe It or NotCreation; Virgin Birth; Faith
67Isaiah 7; Ephesians 3:14-21Whom Do You Trust?Threats; Self-reliance
68Acts 10:9-23What God Says is EnoughInspiration of Scripture; Understanding the Bible
69Isaiah 26:3Perfect PeaceHope; Trust; Peace; Protection
70Isaiah 26:7-12Is God Your Earnest Desire?Desiring God; God’s Judgments: Righteousness; Peace
71Isaiah 26:13RescueGod’s rescue and discipline
72Jeremiah 32:26-27CertaintyFollowing God with certainty
73Mark 16:7Just As He Told YouThe teachings of Jesus
74Mark 1:17; 8:34FollowWhat it means to follow
75Mark 3:35Do God’s WillDetermining what is God’s will
76Mark 9:35; 10:43-45ServeServanthood
77Mark 9:37-41Receive and GiveHumble service
78Mark 11:22-25Ready to PrayPrayer
79Mark 12:17Pay Your TaxesGovernment
80Mark 12:28-31Love God & Your NeighbourLove
81Mark 14:38Watch & PrayWatchfulness; Prayer
82Mark 16:7, 15GoShare
83Matt. 6:12Thoughts on ForgivenessForgiveness
84Matt. 5:9PeacemakersPeacemaking
85Colossians 3:11Cultural DiversityDiversity in the church
86Luke 1-2Meaning of Bless(ing)Blessings
87Jeremiah 14Upsetting TimesOverwhelming Change
88Psalm 46:10IsolatedQuietness; Rest; Isolation
89Deut. 31-34Run for Your LifeEnd of Life Sharing
90Eccles. 12:1-7AgingAging
91II Tim. 1:8-9Finding PurposeLife’s Purpose
92Proverbs 3:5-6GuidanceDecision-making; Guidance
93Matt. 21:1-12Who is This?Palm Sunday: Passion #1
94Matt. 21:12-17It is WrittenClearing Temple; Passion #2
95Matt. 21:18-26:16By What Authority?Rejecting Christ; Passion #3
96Matt. 26:1-56Scripture FulfilledMaundy Thursday: Passion #4
97Matt. 26:57-27:66InjusticeTrial to Burial; Passion #5
98Matt. 27:62-66In the TombDeath of Jesus; Passion #6
99Matthew 28ResurrectionResurrection: Passion #7
100Proverbs 17:8, 10DefensivenessDefensiveness
101I Kings 1:6Fatherhood: David’s FailureFatherhood
102I Tim. 3:1-5Fatherhood: Failures & SuccessesFatherhood
103I Thess.2:11-12Fatherhood: What the Bible TeachesFatherhood
104Psalm 103:13The Fatherhood of GodFatherhood of God
105Isaiah 66:13Mother-like Work of GodMother-like
106Genesis 3:1Conspiracy Theories – #1, The SerpentConspiracy Theories; Satan
107Exodus 7:8-13Conspiracy Theories – #2, The MagiciansConspiracy Theories; Pharaoh’s Magicians
108Luke 16:31Conspiracy Theories – #3, The SupernaturalConspiracy Theories; the Supernatural
109I Peter 3:20Lessons from the Flood – #1, PreparationThe Flood; Preparation
110Genesis 7:17-20Lessons from the Flood – #2, JudgmentThe Flood ; Judgement
111II Peter 2:9Lessons from the Flood – #3, RescueThe Flood; Rescue
112Isaiah 54:9-10Lessons from the Flood – #4, Love & PeaceThe Flood; Love; Peace
113Psalm 10:1Why Doesn’t God Just Fix Things?Asking God, ‘Why?’
114II Peter 3:4The Return of ChristChrist’s Return
115Matthew 6:19-20What Jesus Says About HeavenChrist’s Return; Heaven
116Mark 13:24-26A Spectacular ReturnChrist’s Return; Awesome
117Luke 13:23-24, 29-30An Opportunity Not to be MissedChrist’s Return; Opportunity
118John 6:38-40Going to the FatherChrist’s Return; Father
119Matthew 2:2, 13Christmas ContrastsBirth of Christ; Christmas
120 Acts 17:22-31What’s In A Name?Christian
121I John 5:1-5Defining EvangelicalEvangelical
122Romans 13:1-7God and GovernmentGovernment
123Galatians 6:16; James 1:12-27Understanding TemptationTemptation
124Galatians 5:19-21Types of SinsTemptation; Types of Sins
125I Corinthians 10:13; Ephesians 6:10-20Winning Over TemptationTemptation; Victory
126I John 1:8-10When We SinConfession; Repentance
127 Jeremiah 1 The Times in Which We Live Birthdays
128 Ephesians 1:1-2 Grace and Peace Grace ; Peace
129 Ephesians 1:3-10 Praise Praise ; Worship ; Adoration
130 Ephesians 1:11-14 Inheritance Inheritance from God
131 Ephesians 1:15-19 Prayer Prayer ; Knowing God’s Power
132 Ephesians 1:20-23 Far Above Christ’s Exultation
133 Jeremiah 42 Don’t Go to Egypt Trust
134Genesis 32:30; Isaiah 6:1-8Glory! (Part 1)  Glory of God
135Ezekiel 1 Ezekiel’s Vision of the Glory of God Glory of God 
136Revelation 1 and 22Shining Like the Sun  Glory of God
137Isaiah 56:1-8;
Matthew 21:1-17
 A House of Prayer Worship
138 Isaiah 40:3-11 A VoiceProclaiming Jesus 
139 Isaiah 6Closed Eyes  Listening to God
140 Isaiah 9:1-7Light Spiritual Illumination 
141Genesis 33 Esau Forgives Forgiveness 
142 Genesis 37 and 45Joseph Forgives Forgiveness 
143I Samuel 9 and 16 David Forgives Forgiveness 
144 Acts 6, 7, 8:1-2Stephen Forgives Forgiveness 
145II Timothy 4:9-19  Paul ForgivesForgiveness 
146Micah 7 God the Father Forgives Forgiveness 
147Ephesians 1:3-10 Jesus Forgives Forgiveness