Stories by Grandpa: #18, Little Star

Picture3_Little Star

Little Star was now considered old enough to walk over to his friend’s house by himself. Friend Star lived on the other side of the small woods. Just inside the small woods, Little Start met the Water Guardian. Water Guardian was shaped like a crab and his job was to protect the pond from harmful things people might sometimes throw into it  – like bad chemicals, plastic straws, and wrappers, etc.

The Water Guardian offered to trade Little Star a mystical pink flower he had on a pedestal for one of Little Star’s several colourful stars that he carried. He agreed.

A strange thing happened when Little Star moved on – he started to fly! The Water Guardian called after Little Star, “Hey, do you want to explore some old wrecked buildings at the north edge of the woods?” “Sure,” replied Little Star.  So, the two of them now flew toward the north, along with Water Guardian’s helper, Water Protector. Flying along, they saw an oven, some dressers, an annoying bird, and a “power up” source like you would find in a computer. The helper tried the over but it was too hot. The Water Guardian tried the dresses but they didn’t do anything but open and close their drawers. And Little Bird tried asking the annoying bird for some help but all it did was make annoying noises at the three of them.

It was Helper’s turn again so he tried pressing the button on the power source. Immediately, the Helper began to dance around and blink rainbow colours. Next, the Water Guardian pressed the same button  and he sprayed a tall tower of water out form the top of his head. Then, Little Star pressed the button and flew and danced in beautiful patterns around the trees and flowers in the forest.

They had found the answer to their need. They had only one more problem – who would guard the power source. They agreed that Water Guardian was the best one because he already had protecting experience. Helper would assist, of course. Little Star used the new energy he had to fly to his friend’s house, getting there in half the time!

The End

Note from Elliot: This story is actually based on a pretend Duplo story that my brother and I made.