Stories by Grandpa: #15,Sun versus Moon


When God created the world, He made the sun (the greater light) for the daytime and the moon (the lesser light) for the nighttime. This worked out fine – for a while. Soon, the moon got the feeling that it didn’t like being the lesser light. Why should the soon be bigger and brighter? Why should it own the day and the moon get stuck with the dark night?

Moon thought if only it gathered together some stars, it might increase its brightness and maybe even outshine the sun. The moon persuaded a lot of stars to join its team, promising glory and fame. Months went by and yet the best the moon and its star friends could do was to achieve was what some people called a “super moon” – just like when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit and appears up to fourteen per cent larger and thirty per cent brighter than usual.

What the moon failed to understand was that the only reason it shines is because it reflects light form the sun! The moon needs the sun for it to shine at all. So, having a war or contest with the sun is not going to work. God didn’t make it to work that way in the first place.

One pretty big star explained this to the moon when that star refused to join the moon’s team. The star also told the moon, “You should be happy doing what the Creator made you for. People need a light at night and you (along with us stars) give them enough for the time of day when most people and animals need to get their sleep. So, enjoy your job – its an important one!”

Moon settled into its role and became much happier than it had been when it tried to outshine the sun.

~The End~