Stories by Grandpa: #13, The Robot and the Clown with a Cane


Whenever the robot (who was named Hee) felt that he needed some company, he simply pressed the red cube button on his chest. The button produced a small clown in the Robot’s left hand. The clown, whom he called Jack, had an orange body, red hands, blue ears, a red nose, and yellow legs. For the clown to move about, though, he needed a cane. So, Hee pressed another button, a blue one on the other side of his chest. Pop! A red cane was in his right hand!

Now the two of them could go places. Robot Hee needed some supplies, so they went to the hardware store where they bought oil (to keep Hee’s parts moving), a new bolt for his left knee (the old one was too loose), and some wire to replace his old antenna. So after that, it was off to the clothing store for a green t-shirt because one of his was fading after many washes – and Hee alwayswore greent-shirts. They snacked on ice cream and enjoyed the sunshine and the grass in the park. It was a great day for the two friends.

When they went back to the Robot’s house and it was time to say, ‘Goodbye’ for the day, Robot once again pressed the two buttons and, this time, Jack the Clown and his cane disappeared with a swoosh.

~The End~