Stories by Grandpa: #17, The Elephant and the Electric Eel

Picture2_Elephant Electric Eel

While Eleanor the elephant was talking on her cell phone with her friend Melanie, the sound grew weaker and weaker. “Oh, oh,” said Eleanor, “My battery is running low. I’d better say ‘Goodbye’ and go home and charge it.”

She did charge it but it would very quickly lose power every time she did so. Eleanor went to the cell phone store and they told her the phone was getting old and needed a new battery or a so-called “supercharge”. Either of those solutions would cost too much for Eleanor, so she said she would think about it.

A few weeks later, Eleanor and Melanie were visiting the zoo. They visited regularly to see Melanie’s aunt and cousin who lived there in the Africa exhibit. After their visit they wondered through the aquarium. They enjoyed the many colourful fish and corals there. One tank contained a good-sized electric eel. The eel moved closer to the glass and sent out a strong electric current. Eleanor’s cell phone made a buzz and vibrated inside her purse. She checked the phone – it was charged to 110% – more than ever before! And from then on, it hardly ever needed to be plugged in because its eel-charge had made the battery stronger than the manufacturer had designed it to be!


Picture2b_Elephant Rlrctric Eel