Stories by Grandpa: #5, The Robin and the Bald Eagle


Once upon a time there was a huge bald eagle. It flew north for the summer and found a great home in a wooded area near the town of Parkhill, Ontario, Canada. It liked its new home – liked to swoop down and soar high.

But the eagle was lonely. He wanted someone to share the woods with him.

Then, as spring warmed up, a small bird with a reddish-orange breast arrived. It built a nest in a leafy tree, nearer the ground than the eagle’s high nest.

After a while, it was tired and had an accident and fell to the ground.

The eagle was swooping around and heard the little bird’s cry. “What’s the matter?” the eagle asked. “What is your name?”

“I am Robin,” the bird answered,”and I hurt my leg.”

“Don’t worry – I’ll help,” Eagle answered. Then he dove to the ground and gently lifted Robin to his nest.

The robin healed quickly and soon the two were flying all over the place. What a wonderful time they had that summer. They even decided to fly together in the fall when they went south for the winter.

The End