Stories by Grandpa: #2, The Windmill


The Windmill

The windmill stood silently in the backyard. It had stood there all winter when the snow fell and the air was cold.

Now, it was spring. the sun melted the snow. The grass turned green. The first flowers came out. Squirrels and rabbits were busy preparing for summer.

As days became warmer and warmer, soon it was actually hot! Isaac and Elliot were playing outside now – a lot. One day, one boy stood at just the right spot as a cool wind blew and the windmill began to turn faster and faster. The boy felt the refreshing air from the windmill on his face. “Come here,” he said, the windmill has become an air conditioner!”

The End

 Author’s note: There is a windmill, a few feet high, in the backyard at my grandson’s house. It looks something like the one in the picture above.