Stories by Grandpa: #8, The Fox That Climbed Mountains


The Fox That Climbed Mountains

Once upon a time there was a fox that grew up in Colorado. He loved the mountains and often thought about what it would look like from the top one of them.  So, he took some climbing lessons and began with small mountains., then eventually big mountains.

Having read about Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, he longed for the day when he could limb Everest.

Finally, after saving enough money, he went to the sporting goods store and bought some new boots (four of them because he had four feet), a warm coat and hat, some mitts, and a book on how to climb Mt. Everest. He also bought an airplane ticket and went to Denver airport to begin his trip.

In the country of Napal, he hired a man to take him to the famous mountain. Then, he began his climb. Other mountain climbers were there – a goat, a large dog, and a mountain lion.

The first part of the climb was easy, but soon it became harder and harder. There was snow and ice and cliffs. He had to be careful.

When it was night he snuggled in a warm tent. At last, on the sixth day, he neared the top. The fox was so excited. Then he reached up and pulled himself to the very top.

But then he noticed a flag and a note attached. It read, “Hello, I was here before you. Congratulations – and be careful on the way down!” It was signed, “Roger Rabbit.” The rabbit had beaten the fox!

But fox still felt good – he had climbed the world’s highest mountain!

The End