Stories by Grandpa: #7, A School Bus with Eyes


A School Bus with Eyes

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round, Round and Round…”

 The children on the Town School Bus were singing one of their favourite songs as they rolled along the highway. they were on their way home to Wild Red Elementary School after a school trip to the zoo.

Between songs they chattered about the animals and birds they had seen. Talk changed to the amazing ways some creatures can see in the dark. A large bird, like a hawk, can spot a mouse in the grass. A dog can see something move a long way away. A cat likes to prowl around at night.

As they neared their town it became foggy and a little dark. The driver had turned on his headlights and was able to see the road better than before. Elliot, in row three, said, “Hey, the headlights are like eyes for the bus!” “That’s right,” agreed the driver.

Suddenly, the children began singing, “The eyes of the bus see the road, see the road. The eyes of the bus see the road, as we roll along.”

The bus smiled. He was proud to take the school kids and their teachers safely from one place to another. He loved his job and in a little while pulled into the School parking lot where anxious parents waited for their kids to return after an adventurous outing.

The End